Westin Tommy The Trout (HL) 20cm 90g


Tommy was already an unhappy fish – his amazing, lifelike detail and unrivalled swimming action made him lunch fodder for all kinds of toothy predators. Now things just got worse for poor old Tommy as he’s now available in an in-line version, meaning he will never get away from those snapping jaws! The inline rig system features a 90lbs seven-strand American Fishing Wire that runs through a specially designed tunnel in the head of Tommy. The rig with two strong trebles connects to the body via a special click-and-lock system that automatically releases when a fish is hooked. A hard lure/swimbait with SemiSoft fins, realistic swimming action with belly flashes and a line up with amazing hand painted colors. Tommy now allows anglers to reap all the extra fish-catching benefits of fishing inline, without losing any lure design detail, swimming action or hookups! Sorry, Tommy?

• Material: ABS plastic

• Lead free

• Running Depth: 0,5-2m

• Japanese-style #1/0 Carbon Steel Hooks

• AFW Surfstrand 1×7 90lbs wire

• Realistic SemiSoft fins

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