Westin Swim Hollowbody Floating


What happens when you combine one of our most versatile and well-loved lure shapes and make it a hollow topwater lure? NON. STOP. ACTION. That’s what! Swim Hollowbody is packed with features – like a weedless design, an attractive silicone skirt, and hand-painted details – and is so easy to fish, even your worst fishing buddy will have success with it. Swim is easy to fish with a simple walk-the-dog retrieve right on the surface. You can also jerk it down below the surface – keep good line tension and work with your rod to create an erratic swimming pattern. The Swim Hollowbody benefits from a custom-made rubber ring designed to stop water entering the hollowbody – eliminating one of the most common frustrations with this type of lure. This Swim may be soft, but he’s tough and he’s ready to rumble with monster bass and other predators around.

  • Material: Soft Plastic
  • Excellent collapsibility
  • Topwater lure
  • Japanese-style Carbon Steel double-hook
  • Weedless design
  • Superior silicone skirts
  • Walk-the-dog action
  • Hand painted detailed colors
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