River2Sea ICBM Lure 12cm


The ICBM ( Inter Continental Ballistic Minnow) is different than any lure you’ve ever tied on your line. Its’ unique and almost unlimited variations in action to both ATTRACT and TRIGGER predators is all about the insanely wide range of different movements created when you twitch it, snap the reel handle, jig it or simply straight crank it at different speeds. 1 foot per second sinking

The ICBM has four different actions based on your retrieve:
  • Do nothing and it sinks with a tantalizing shimmy at a rate of one foot per second.
  • Do short sharp twitches beginning with and followed by slack to make it zig, zag back and forth like an underwater Walk the dog action.
  • Steady cranking at a slow to medium speed and slithers back and forth a foot or more off-center in “hunting” mode.
  • Speed up and it flashes wildly side to side and begins returning rapidly toward the surface like a fleeing baitfish.


WEIGHT: 42,5g  – 1/5oz

LENGTH: 120mm – 4 3/4″

HOOKS: Two River2Sea (BN) Treble #2

ACTION: Slow Sinking

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