Spro BBZ-1 6″ Swim


59g Slow Sink

Swimbait BBZ-1 6” SPRO’s Bill Siemantel Signature Series 6 inch BBZ-1 is a slightly more compact version of the original BBZ-1 Trout that was designed by the world-renowned swim bait expert Bill Siemantel. These ultra realistic swim baits are built on the same principle as the original BBZ-1 that has been so successful. The SPRO BBZ-1 is available in three different actions Floater, Slow Sink, and Fast Sink, which enable you to fish it at all depths of the water column. The SPRO 6-inch BBZ-1 also features 2 sticky sharp Gamakatsu 2X strong treble 18 hooks so once the fish is hooked it stays hooked. The SPRO 6-inch BBZ1 is sure to entice even the most wary of lunkers into striking.

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