SPRO Komodo Claw 90cm (pack of 3)


SPRO Komodo Claw 90 – 9CM

Unlike the traditional craws and frogs, we designed this bait to be fished either on an Erie jig or as a jig trailer or with a Neko-rig. The Komodo Claw features a compact body with small front legs for a subtle action and larger back legs that have an amazing swimming action. What makes this lure so unique is the innovative new design of pockets and grooves. Just like the regular Komodo also this new Komodo Claw is designed with hook pockets on the top and bottom but the key feature are the hook pockets on the side. These pockets and grooves prevent the lure from balling up on the hook, interfering with hook sets!


When this lure is fished with a light weight it has a natural gliding action on a free fall. When you need a faster presentation in deeper waters you can also use a heavier weight. For zander we definitely recommend you to use an Erie jig head because it gives the bait a 45-degree angle with a super natural claw action in flowing waters.

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