Cahira Nitinol – Single Sleeve Crimps


Nickel Plated Copper Single Sleeve Crimps. 8mm long. 100pcs.

0.6mm- OD 1.0mm. Ideal for forming connection loops in 12lb single strand nitinol.

0.8mm- OD 1.2mm. Matched to 24lb single strand nitinol. A tight fit but it’s meant to be.

1mm- OD 1.4mm. Matched to 24lb multistrand and 40lb single strand nitinol.

I recommend using 2 crimps at each connection point as the traces last so long, its more likely for crimp failure/deterioration to occur. If one crimp fails, you’ll still get your trace back and can retire it before total failure.

*ALL nitinol should be passed through the crimp 3 times. Form a large main loop in the conventional way, then tuck the tag end back in the top of the crimp. Gently slide the final connection loop to the required size, t

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