Cahira Nitinol – Multi Strand Wire 3mtr Coil


Cahira Nitinol Multistrand Titanium Alloy Wire is a 7 strand variant of my standard Single Strand Wire.

It has the same beneficial properties as the single strand- Amazing kink resistance, superelasticity, is dead straight, low vis black oxide finish, tangle resistance, remarkable knottability and will not corrode.
Additional benefits are increased flexibility over the single strand and far improved crimping performance.
In terms of increased crimping performance, I have tested this crimped conventionally, with just 2 passes through the crimp and it holds without slipping!
I will still highly recommend using a triple pass technique as before but it is no longer mandatory with this wire!

6lb/2.8kg 0.24mm- A beautifully fine and supple multistrand wire perfect for tooth protection without compromising your lure or bait movement whilst Perch/UL fishing. Knots excellently but also pairs favourably with 0.6mm crimps, 0.8mm heatshrink, #12 swivels and #0 securlocks/featherlinks.

12lb/5.5kg 0.3mm- What can I say? A jack of all trades. Great for a subtle presentation of lures or baits for Perch, Zander and Chub, whilst tooth proof and strong enough to deal with any marauding Pike that takes a fancy. Also supple enough for a light fly tippet. Matches well on a 6-8wt.
Knots beautifully, crimps well with 0.8mm crimps, pairs up nicely with #10 swivels and #1 securlocks.

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