Cahira Nitinol – Double Barrel Crimps


Black Nickel Plated Brass Double Barrel Crimps. 8mm long. 100pcs.

0.8mm- Ideal for forming connection loops in 40lb single strand and 42lb multistrand nitinol.

1.2mm- Matched to 66lb single strand and 88lb multistrand nitinol.

I recommend using 2 crimps at each connection point as the traces last so long, its more likely for crimp failure/deterioration to occur. If one crimp fails, you’ll still get your trace back and can retire it before total failure.

*ALL nitinol should be passed through the crimp 3 times. Form a large main loop in the conventional way, then tuck the tag end back in the top of the crimp. Gently slide the final connection loop to the required size, then crimp the sleeve to secure. Pull firmly to test.*

Not supplied in eco-friendly packaging. Its the dreaded plastic I’m afraid. Please re-use if at all possible and dispose of responsibly

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