Westin ShadTeez Rigged & Ready R `N R


Westin Shad Teez  Rigged ‘N Ready 

9cm 10g 4/0 Qty 4

12cm 15g 4/0 Qty 3

16cm 15g 6/0 Qty 2

14cm Slim 15g 5/0 Qty 3

This pre rigged soft lure comes complete with Westin Jig head

It’s slender wrist and wide tail create a rolling, belly-flashing swimming action – even at low speed, which leaves big predators spellbound.

It’s perfected for jigging, spinning and vertical fishing. By imitating a mildly wounded panicking fish, you’ll find your personal best attached to your line in no time at all!

  • Pre rigged, includes Jig head
  • Optimized flexibility
  • Realistic Eyes
  • Easy action paddle tail
  • High body design with great belly flash
  • Hand painted detailed colors
  • Delivered in display box
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