Westin Platypus Crankbait Low Floating


The Platypus lures designed by Scandinavian lure maker Allan Christiansen have become Scandinavia’s leading big pike lures in no time. Numerous requests from pike specialists made us design slow rising, low floating models. When constructing these, a lot of attention was put into achieving the correct buoyancy. At a stop in the retrieve, these Platypus lures will hang and slowly rise in the water ¬– an extremely persuasive trick when it comes to large, tricky predators. “It took me 32 different proto-types and countless hours of testing and adjusting to achieve what I was looking for. The result is a unique lure with an incredible action and swimming pattern – even when fished at extreme slow speed for tricky pike during the coldest part of spring. When fished at high speed the action of the lure is just as incredible. Tight Lines”.

  • Allan Christiansen
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Lead free construction
  • Japanese style carbon steel hooks
  • Ultra sharp and strong trebles
  • Running depth: 1-3 m (16 cm), 1-6 m (19 cm), 2-7 m (22 cm)
  • Ultra Sonic rattle ball
  • Full wire-through-body construction

16cm 56g

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