Westin MonsterTeez 25cm Rigged & Ready (R ‘N’ R)

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This is the ultimate soft swimbait for muskies and monster pike. It comes all Rigged n’ Ready. It’s perfectly balanced with an interior weight, treble hooks and the option of choosing between using the front eyelet for fishing in shallow water or the top eyelet for deeper water. An interior magnet holds the rear treble in right position when casting and a small paddle tip at the end of the MonsterTeez curltail ads some extra vivid tail action.

  • Lead free construction
  • Hook size: # 2/0
  • Running depth: 3-6m+
  • Easy action curltail
  • Paddletip for extra tail action
  • Interior Rattle Chamber
  • Westin Roll
  • Active eyes
  • Rigged n’ Ready
  • Unique detail-print colors
  • Optional eyelets for shallow or deep water use
  • Integrated rattle stick in tail

Weight: 188g

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