Westin MonsterTeez 20cm


Westin MonsterTeez is a cast-and-retrieve plastic, curltail, swimbait that even the pickiest pike cannot resist. It’s versatile and can be rigged and fished various ways including both trolling and casting.

Our preferred way to rig it includes a small jig head and a treble hook stinger rig mounted over the eyelet, or a Westin RoundUp Propeller head with a hook bend mounted treble stinger.

Make sure the end treble is placed near the transition from body to tail. Choose a jig head to match the desired fishing depth ? light for shallow water and heavier for deeper water.

A small paddle tip at the end of the MonsterTeez curltail ads some extra vivid tail action.


• Easy action curltail

• Paddle tip for extra tail action * Active eyes

• Rig to match the conditions

• Unique detail-print colors

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