Westin Mega Teez V-Tail (New) 5cm/9cm


  • Just like a mermaid the seductive look and extra-large tail of the Westin MegaTeez is irresistible. Even the tiniest twitch of the rod tip will make the tailfin wave and swim through the water and even the most cold-hearted predators will fall in love at first sight. The irregular, action packed diving action is simply in a league of its own! Westin MegaTeez is perfected for use on a drop shot rig but will be extremely seductive no matter how it’s rigged.

    9cm 4g (3pcs)

    5cm 1g (4pcs)

    • Free from toxic phthalates
    • XL tail design
    • Double-layer life-like scale pattern
    • Optimized flexibility
    • Perfected for dropshot
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