Westin Jätte TeezTail


Product Description

Tailbait or crankbait? Jätte TeezTail is a little bit of both and a lot more versatile than most other lures. With two different tails and several rigging options it is always possible to find the trick of the day. Use the paddle tail for an intensive, irregular swimming action or the curltail for a more regular.


“Westin roll” and side-to-side swimming action. The curltail can even be turned up-side-down if a more moderate swimming action is needed. At the 2012 EFTTEX Trade Show in Paris this lure was awarded a “commended by the judges” prize in the best new hard lure category.


Lead Free Construction

Japanese style carbon steel hook #2

Floating – running depth: 1-3m

Interchangeable tail mount system

Curl- and paddletails included

Extra sticks included

Contains 1 head, 2 curl – and 2 paddletails

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