Westin HypoTeez V-Tail 10cm


Please welcome the Hypo Teez V Tail to the ever growing Westin Hypo Teez family. The Hypo Teez V Tail soft plastic lure is a very good prey fish size for different predator fish species. Great on a number of methods including Texas and Carolina rig, Weightless offset hook rig, Vertical Jigging and of course Drop Shot, among others.

These lures will catch Pike, Perch, Zander Bass and many more. The flexible fins, the soft rubber compound and the V-tail ensure that this lure has a very realistic action in the water even with slight movements of the rod tip. Made with realistic eyes and detailed scale patterns.

Whether active predator fishing in streams or still waters and spinning in clear or murky water, the V tail is a great artificial lure for the all round angler.

  • Features of the Westin Hypo Teez V Tail lure
  • Soft fish for spin fishing for zander and perch
  • Length: 10cm
  • Weight: 5g
  • Realistic eyes
  • Very supple plastic
  • V-tail
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