Westin Gift Box’s – Luc Coppen’s & Jorgen Larsson’s Selection


European Zander Selection – Luc Coppens favorite colors

Luc Coppens, one of the most skilled predator-anglers in Europe has carefully selected his very best and all-time favorite colors for zander.

Here you get four different lures in his top-catching colors. With four different jighead weights you cover all from shallow to deep water and for the zander we recommend a small stinger treble so we’ve included that as well, slide the stinger loop over the hook or the jighead eyelet and tighten the rubber stop and you are ready to catch you next dream-zander.

You can thank Luc later.

Perch Selection – Jörgen Larssons favorite colors

Sweden’s leading big fish expert Jörgen Larsson has handpicked his favorite colors on some of our top-selling perch lures.

Simply rig them on the jighead of your choice and you are good to go. BabyBite SR & DR covers all depths between 1-4m and works great on a steady retrieve, but don’t forget some stops every now and then.

It will stay right in the strike zone for the perch to attack. You’ll never go wrong with this great mix of colors and lures that covers all water types from clear to dark water, this is simply the ultimate perch selection!

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