Westin Freddy The Frog Wakebait 13cm 18g Floating


Boasting an ultra-realistic body and multi-jointed legs that kick like the real thing, the Westin Freddy The Frog is sure to turn heads.

This meal-sized offering from Danish lure manufacturer Westin is designed with a front lip that allows the angler to slowly wake Freddy the Frog on the surface at almost any speed. When paused, Freddy sits nose up out of the water exactly like you’d see in nature.

As for the business end, Westin has designed this frog with a large single hook on the tail of the bait as well as a #1/0 treble hook on the belly that can be removed to reduce snags if the angler is fishing it around heavy grass. It’s no secret that big fish love to eat frogs, and if you are looking to tangle with these predators it’s time you put Freddy the Frog to work.

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