Westin F360 Sea Bass


  • The all-new Westin F360° SBass incorporates the proven design of the original, with a few subtle enhancements that will be appreciated by the serious bass lure angler. The requisite extreme casting capability of this design has been retained, making this the perfect lure for punching out into a headwind over the shallow ground where these mercurial predators are found. Noticeable enhancements include the natural colour patterns, a large single hook at the rear, along with the addition of an assist hook. Used with a conventional linear retrieve, interspersed with deadly spin-stops, the F360° SBass is irresistible to saltwater predators. Over deeper water and clean ground use a fluttering ‘sink and draw’ retrieve that mimics the shimmering of a sandeel shoal. The assist hook rigging giving an exceptional hook-up ratio even on the pause.

    • Lead Free
    • Material: Zink
    • Long Casting Design
    • Full Wire-through-body construction
    • Ultra sharp and strong BKK hooks
    • Assist hook mounted.
    • Designed and developed in Scandinavia
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