Westin 15.3cm SlimTeez (Pack of 5) Pearl Jam


Vertical in-between fishing, increasingly popular throughout Europe these days, is a radical technique for catching record-breakingZander. When fish are wary, SlimTeez is the lure par excellence. It can be worked very subtly off the bottom or in a “classic” vertical pattern as close as possible to structures (breaks, submerged trees, rocks, etc.). The segmentation of the back of the SlimTeez has been specially designed to increase the flexibility of the lure, responding to the slightest movement. This also creates a “halo” of turbulence around the lure, provoking strikes on days when no other lure is proving effective.

  • Cut tail creates a lot of turbulence underwater
  • Standard V tail
  • Ultra-realistic details
  • Optimised flexibility
  • 3D eyes
  • Special rattle slot
  • 2 rattles included
  • Glass rattles for enhanced sound

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