Spro Rubberdip folding landing net with telescopic handle



3204-105 60x60cm net

3204-104 50x50cm net

A sturdy and durable, folding landing net with telescopic handle by Spro. Always very practical near the water, no matter what species you are fishing for! The net is 50 × 50/60 x 60cm but has a very small and compact transport size! The rubber-dip mesh makes the net virtually smell free because the material does not absorb slime or water!

The telescopic aluminium handle together with the net has a maximum length of 180cm. The rubber-dip mesh makes sure the net does not absorb slime and water, great for smell-free transportation. Another advantage of this material is that hooks do not easily get stuck in it. The net can be unfolded with one hand when you hook a fish. This net is perfect for carp, pike, feeder, zander and trout fishing. Perfect for just about all types of fishing that require a net!


  • Brand: Spro
  • Rubber Dip landing net
  • Folding
  • Telescopic steel
  • Net: 50 × 50 cm / 60 x 60cm
  • Length handle and net:130 to 180 cm
  • Compact transport size
  • Smell free
  • Does not absorb water
  • Fish safe
  • All-round net!
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