SPRO Freestyle Skillz Dropshot Slug Kit


Spro Freestyle Dropshot Kits are available in 4 different variations. There is a mixed lure pack available in 2 different sizes and 2 slug kits which include the Spro famous Urban Prey and Slug Shad lures. Each set features 2 rigs with a hook and line to match the lure size and 2 different dropshot weights. So if you the angler who never tried Dropshotting before or the completiton angler where time and speed is the key then look no further.

DROPSHOT KIT MIX 37-40mm – Model 4695-001

6x 37-40mm mixed lures
1,20m / 0.20mm fluorocarbon
5 + 7gr Dropshot weight
#8 Dropshot hooks

DROPSHOT KIT MIX 70-73mm – Model 4695-002

6x 70-73mm mixed  lures
1,20m / 0.25mm fluorocarbon
10 + 7gr Dropshot weight
#4 Dropshot hooks

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