Spro BBZ-1 RAT


SPRO’s Pro Staff member Bill Siemantel has been working on a Rat project over the last 2 years and on the opening day of ICAST 2014 all that hard work paid off. SPRO’s newest addition to the family, the BBZ-1 Rat won Best of ICAST in the hard lure category. The SPRO Rat is designed for those larger predator fish that every angler is looking for. It entices awesome surface strikes by triggering the instinctive reaction that those larger fish are looking for. When the fish are hungry the SPRO RAT is the real meal deal! The SPRO Rat can be worked in several ways – you can bulge it, v-wake it, walk the dog, pop it or you name it! Bill Siemantel designed the placement of the hooks so and the hook up ratio is incredible. Of course the SPRO Rat is equipped with incredibly sharp Gamakatsu hooks.

Made from multiple composites, the Spro BBZ-1 Rat offers a custom “wood” feel and a sturdy construction that stands up to the most crushing topwater explosions. At the rear, the Spro BBZ-1 Rat comes equipped with a long articulated rat-tail that adds to its realistic rat appearance. Armed with super-sharp trebles, the Spro BBZ-1 Rat offers an easy-to-walk, lifelike presentation that is sure increase your fish count, and your heart rate!

BBZ1 Rat 40

This life-size rat imitation will certainly appeal to many predator anglers. With a total body length of 10 centimetres this realistically looking rodent triggers heavily conditioned fish to strike on many waters! Looking at its silhouette and action, the BBZ Rat is simply irresistible!

BBZ-1 Rat 30





BBZ-1 Rat 40





BBZ-1 Rat 50





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