Savage Gear Thruster Outboard Trolling Motor


The Savage Gear Thruster Outboard is the ideal stealthy freshwater outboard for the angler looking to move about without creating a disturbance.

This outboard has a 5 speed setting allowing you to adjust the speed with ease and it produces very little noise when motoring, ideal when fishing near easily spooked fish.

The telescopic handle provides comfort when motoring and the impact resistant shaft provides excellent durability. The weedless propeller is perfect for fishing in shallower water and helps to reduce the chance of prop becoming clogged.

The ourboard comes in 2 different size options, a 36lb thrust for smaller lakes and slow running streams and a 55lb option for larger lakes and rivers.

The Savage Gear Thruster Outboard comes in different size options for you to choose from our drop down menu.

36lb/55lb models available
Telescopic handle
Weedless propeller
5 speed settings
3 forward and 2 reverse
LCD monitor
360 degree steering
Battery not included

36lb model:
Power input: 12V 105ah
Weight: 6.2 kg
Propeller: 2 blade
Recommended boat size: 15ft
Ideal for: Small lakes, slow running streams

55lb model:
Power input: 12V 105ah
Weight: 8.8 kg
Propeller: 3 blade
Recommended boat size: 18ft
Ideal for: Big lakes, rivers

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