Savage Gear – Ned Dragon Tail Slug


Product Description

This super-versatile finesse lure is perfectly designed for the highly effective NED and Cheb style fishing methods. The hyper ribbed body has a big presence in the water and gives off an enticingly lively movement, floating straight up from the NED or Cheb head at the slightest twitch. The lure also has a built-in rattle slot mounted with a removeable glass rattle for extra attraction. It can be rigged perfectly on a NED jig head or a EWG hook for weedless presentation. An ideal bait to target perch, bass, and inshore species.

  • Super-soft Duratech material
  • Floating
  • Hyper ribbed body for micro movement
  • Rattle slot with removable glass rattle
  • Scented
  • Salt infused
  • Weedless rigging option
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