Savage Gear Dropshot Academy Kit Mixed Colours 36 pcs


Product Description

The perfect kit for perch fishing, with a mix of effective lures, colours and dropshot rig components.

  • Dying minnow 6cm and 8cm, 8x each size
  • 2x each colour: Holo Baitfish, White Flash, Clear Motor Oil, Gold Flake Pearl
  • 3D Crayfish Rattling 5.5cm and 6.7cm, 4x each size
  • 1x each colour: Clear Motor Oil, Green Pumpkin, Chartreuse Pumpkin, Firecracker
  • Specialist sinkers: 2x 5g, 3x 7g, 1x 10g
  • Super slide hooks: 3x each #4 and #1

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