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Rapala Crush City “The Stingman”

Meet your ultimate fishing ally, the Rapala Crush City “The Stingman”, your perfect companion for any jighead expedition. This soft lure isn’t just a bait; it’s a versatile swimmer that excels in various techniques, enhancing your fishing arsenal.

The subtle pintail of “The Stingman” delivers a swimming action that is highly appealing and realistic. The finesse of the lure and the swimming action makes it an ideal choice for a spectrum of techniques, including drop shot, darting, weightless, and vertical presentations.

Enhanced with Smart Injection Technology, this combines custom combinations of the colour, flake salt and scent that are added precisely where needed for the perfect presentation.

The lure is also heavily scented for additional attraction and the salted belly adds to its appeal, ensuring that fish not only see it but also savour it!

In your pursuit of the perfect catch, trust Rapala Crush City, “The Stingman”, to be your wingman on the water. Whether you’re drop shotting, darting through the depths, or going weightless, “The Stingman” is an excellent lure choice, ready to make every fishing trip a memorable success.

The Rapala Crush City “The Stingman” Lures are available in a range of colours and sizes for you to choose from in our drop down menu.

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