Rapala – CrushCity – “The Kickman”


Introducing the Rapala Crush City “The Kickman”, a game-changer in the realm of swim baits. Designed to dominate the underwater world, this lure boasts a strong kicking paddle tail action that sends irresistible vibrations through the water, enticing even the most elusive of predators.

“The Kickman” is engineered for maximum impact. Its robust paddle tail delivers a powerful, lifelike kicking action, creating vibrations that mimic the erratic movements of wounded prey.

Unlike some lures that require high speeds to generate action, “The Kickman” excels at low speeds. Whether you’re working it fast or slow, this swimbait maintains its captivating motion, making it versatile in various fishing scenarios.

Fish can’t resist a tempting scent, and “The Kickman” knows it. Infused with a potent scent, this lure triggers the predatory instincts of your target, ensuring more takes and hook-ups.

The addition of a salted belly not only adds to the allure but also provides the perfect balance for stability during retrieval. This feature enhances the natural feel of the bait, making it even more convincing to predatory fish.

“The Kickman” is designed for stability. Its well-balanced construction ensures a consistent and stable swimming action, allowing you to maintain control and precision in every presentation.

Crafted with precision using smart injection technology, this swimbait combines custom combinations of colour, flake, salt, and scent. Each element is strategically placed for the perfect presentation, tempting even the most discerning fish.

The Rapala Crush City “The Kickman” Lures are available in a range of colours and sizes for you to choose from in our drop down menu.

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