Headbanger RockerHead Stinger 2/0


HeadBanger’s RockerHead is an off-the-shelf stinger that enhances the swimming action of your pike shads! The RockerHead products are designed in an innovative manner and they spice up the swimming action of your favorite jig to a significant degree. They also feature very high-quality hooks and components. A must-have purchase for any pike fisher! The cup-like shape of the head enhances the swimming action of the jig by making it more irregular. The head is made from zinc and the stinger is fully lead-free.

This stinger is suited for approx. 25-cm jigs, weighs 10 grams, and sinks slowly.

Swedish artist and passionate angler Dan Lestander kept searching for a lure with a highly unsymmetric swimming pattern that would also cast long. Dan realized that such a lure was not available on the market and began to think how he could produce one. He spent more than four years designing the perfect lure. Using his sculpting ability, he made more than 50 different prototypes to test out his theory and finally ended up with the lure he had been searching for. The result was a revolutionary lure with a completely unique construction that is now patented. Headbanger Lures was established 2015 and you can also now enjoy the results of the development!

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