Gamakatsu Swivel Shot Drop Shot (pack of 3)


The Gamakatsu Swivel Shot Hook is a revolutionary hook/swivel combination designed to resist line twist that often occurs when employing the drop shot technique. The Swivel Shot, from Gamakatsu Hooks, is built around a rotating swivel that allows free movement of the soft plastic bait and weight while sinking; this ability eliminates the cause of line twist present with the drop shot technique.

Their all-new Swivel Shot eliminates line twist that’s commonly associated with drop shotting and vastly improves rigging efficiency. Gamakatsu’s produced a revolutionary new “Twist Free” design using a premium swivel above the hook.

The Easy-Change weight system below the hook improves rigging efficiency and easy leader length adjustments without retying your rig. Without a doubt, the Swivel Shot is an enormous leap forward in drop shot fishing that’s sure to maximize angler’s efficiency, increase hook-ups and land big fish without the worry posed by conventional drop shot hooks and rigging.

All hooks feature the black nickel finish.

Each pack contains three hooks.

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