Fox Sport Fishing Doodle Bug DB-5


The 5 inch Doodle Bug is our smallest surface popper and weighs in at 65g, making it ideal for short to medium range work. The design is completely different to most standard popper shapes and came about almost by accident when a much larger lure that one of our consultants was testing got chopped in half by a large Baracuda! As it was one of the only lures he had he continued to fish with half a lure and found it actually produced a totally unique action and a great response – and so the Doodle Bug was born! Since then we have refined the shape and it has become a favourite with our consultants and skippers. Although it can be used in virtually any conditions we have found the Doodle Bug particularly effective when fishing around shallower marks that are strewn with rocks and boulders. It works best when retrieved at a fast but erratic pace, bouncing momentarily out of the water. The Doodle Bug has been fitted with a pair of 2/0 XXX treble hooks which have been chemically sharpened and really are the strongest available.

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