Fiiish Mud Digger 90 Maxi Combo


Fiiish Mud Digger 90 Maxi Combo

  • Latest deadly Fiiish lure
  • 3 Complete lures per pack
  • Length 90mm (tail)
  • 1 x 5gm, 1 x 10gm and 1 x 15gm
  • Uniquely designed jig head
  • Super supple ‘Fiiish’ body
  • Reversed paddle tail
  • Sharp hook
  • Tight swimming action
  • Can be fished with a range of styles
  • Induces takes from pressured or cagey fish
  • Suitable for fresh and salt water
  • Choice of four great colours

The Mud Digger is a new concept from Fiiish and adds yet another dimension to their outstanding range of softbaits. The body is made from the fantastically supple Fiiish material and this combined with the reversed paddle tail gives a subtle eel like wiggle to draw in the fish. The jig head has been designed to accentuate the action of the tail and helps you to work the lure in a number of different ways making it a very versatile bait.

A straight retrieve gives you an eel like swimming action whilst adding in pauses can make it behave like a darting baitfish, the tail works on the drop as well as the retrieve to give a constant licking action. An alternative retrieve is to twitch it back along the bottom. On a silty bottom the special shaped head kicks up clouds of sediment to catch the fishes eye and is also the reason for the ‘Mud Digger’ name.

It can be used in both salt and freshwater where bass, wrasse, perch and zander will all take it with equal enthusiasm. In tests it was found to be a very effective lure on days when fish were proving hard to tempt with more conventional lures but the Mud Digger managed to trigger a response from cagey and pressured fish

Each pack contains three complete combos
1 x 5gm
1 x 10gm
1 x 15gm

Length 90mm (tail)

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