DAM Effzett Slim Shadster 8.5cm – 5.2g


The slim and elongated body shape EFFZETT® Shadster Slim perfectly imitates the natural silhouette of many prey fish species such as roach, bleak or minnow. The low and slender body shape and the wide tail provide a strong rolling, belly-flashing swimming action, which immediately triggers the predatory fish’s hunting instinct and leads to extremely hard bites. Like all models in the EFFZETT® Shadster family, the Shadster Slim has excellent swimming action and sublime paint and finish. The 4 available sizes of 6.5cm, 8.5cm, 11.5cm and 13.5cm can be used very effectively with many different rigging methods, be it vertical jigging or the simple and traditional way with a jig head and stinger. One thing is for sure, it is the perfect snack for all predatory fish! Available in a bulk pack.

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