DAM Effzett Shadster 20cm 83g


The high body shape of the EFFZETT® Shadster already attracts a lot of attention underwater as a visual target, but combined with the strong rolling and belly-flashing swimming action, even at the very lowest speed, it is simply irresistible! This excellently crafted and thoroughly designed lure immediately triggers the hunting instinct of large predatory fish and leads to extremely hard bites. Like all models in the EFFZETT Shadster family, the Shadster has excellent swimming action and beautiful hand painted colors and finish. The 5 available sizes 7cm, 9cm, 12cm, 15cm and 20cm are suitable for many different rigging styles. From a round or upright jig head, a screw-in jig head for vertical jigging, to a shallow screw on the 15 cm and especially the 20 cm model, it can handle anything! The Shadster has everything it takes to get between the sharp teeth of the really big predators. Available in a bulk pack.

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