Berkley Hit Stick


Product Description

Berkley scientists continuously study why fish are attracted to some baits over others. They know the right amount of roll creates flash and that action attracts fish from a distance. This led them to develop FlashDisc™ Technology, an innovation that makes the Hit Stick the best choice for anglers seeking a versatile and durable bait that will catch more fish.

This new FlashDisc™ technology gives the Hit Stick unparalleled action that allow you to fish it in any setting. The heavy polycarbonate exterior of the Hit Stick means you can cast it 60% further than balsa alternatives, and you can fish with more confidence because this nearly indestructible bait will keep its form — even after a Pike sinks its teeth in or an epic battle with a Bass has your bait thumping against the rocks. Plus, the durable body construction also delivers a consistent bait action, whether being cast and retrieved or trolled.

It’s time to leave inconsistent and delicate balsa baits in the past where they belong and step into the new age of fishing. Cast further and fish harder with the Berkley Hit Stick, a bait that’s scientifically proven to bring more fish into the boat.

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