Airflo – Ridge 2.0 Sniper 4 Season Fly Line


Our unique Polyurethane coating allows the 4 season to work in a wider range of temperatures. We’ve also added an extended rear taper and hard wearing haul zone, for greater durability.

Our Intermedite/Di3 and Di5/Di7 have dual density heads – The faster sink rate is at the tip of the fly line, transitions into the slower sink rate, and then transitions into the ultra thin floating or intermediate running line. This dual density makeup of the Sniper 4 Season Fly Lines allows for an increased line control and hook-up rates.

  • Floating Head – Floating Running Line
  • 6′ Inter Sink Tip/Floating Head – Floating Running Line
  • Intermediate Head – Floating Running Line
  • Inter/Di3 Head – Intermediate Running Line
  • Di5/Di7 Head – Intermediate Running Line
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