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Mobile Stick 70L

Spro Mobile Stick Micro Game 70L
Product SKU: 2036 211

A series of six ultra-compact travel rods, developed for the modern city fishing lifestyle anglers. With a transport length of up to 43cm it will fit any bag or basket, making it easy to take wherever. The thin but very strong blanks offer sufficient power to fight big trout and perch. You can fish anytime, anywhere!


Mobile Stick light action

A great rod for casting micro spoons, crank bait and jig heads. The parabolic action allows for easy casting of these micro game lures.

Please note that on this rod it states C.W: 5-15g the actual CW is 3-12g as below!


Code Mobile Stick
Micro Game
Length Transp.
Weight C.W. Sections
2036 210 Micro Game 70UL 2,10m 0,38m 107gr 0.6-8gr 6
2036 211 Micro Game 70L 2,10m 0,38m 108gr 3-12gr 6
2036 212 Micro Game 70M 2,10m 0,38m 111gr 5-15gr 6
2036 240 Micro Game 80UL 2,40m 0,43m 115gr 0.6-8gr 6
2036 241 Micro Game 80L 2,40m 0,43m 117gr 3-12gr 6
2036 242 Micro Game 80M 2,40m 0,43m 117gr 5-15gr 6
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