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Fox Sports Belly Eye Top Stick Popper Lure - Red Head - TS-7

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Fox Sports Belly Eye Top Stick Popper Lure - Red Head - TS-7
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Belly Eye Top Stick (TS-7)

The Top Stick is 7 inches in length and is ideally suited for calmer seas with lazy rolling waves. With a casting weigh of 75g it is perfectly balanced and casts straight and true; it lies in the water at a less aggressive angle than the Fat Boy and can be worked at a much slower rate whilst still giving off a fantastic popping sound with attractive short bursts of displaced water.

We have found that this lure is particularly good at targeting predators that aren't in a particularly aggressive mood and it has the ability of tempting them into a strike because of its irresistible action. We recommend that the Top Stick is retrieved in a slow but erratic motion to maximise disturbance and sound for the predators to home in on.

The Top Stick has been furnished with a pair of 2/0 XXX treble hooks which are super sharp and amazingly strong. These are attached to the Popper via a XXX three turn split ring.

Belly Eye Poppers.

Through our extensive field testing we came to realise that a third eye on the belly not only dramatically increases the strike rate, but more importantly, the hook-up ratio; hence we have used our unique Bellyeyes on our range of poppers.

It has long been realised that a baitfish eye is the target for any predator to home in on and this is one of the main reasons why we always experience missed takes and poor hook-ups on so many lures and when you look at the position of the eyes in relation to the hooks fitted, it is little wonder!

When we started to experiment with a third eye positioned in various places on the body we soon began to understand how important it was to have a close relationship with this third strike eye and the hooks - and so the Bellyeye was born!

For surface lure fishing, the third Bellyeye is even more important and when viewed from beneath the waves a surface retrieve popper with such a prominent third eye really stimulates takes. During our field testing, we experienced up to a four to one strike rate in favour of the Bellyeyes when fished against the same lure without the third eye fitted. All of the lures have been made from seasoned hardwood or high quality ABS sprayed with authentic Japanese high quality paint and finished with a tough epoxy resin.

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