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Savage Gear Nail No.1 - 2.4cm Various colours

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Savage Gear Nail No.1 2.4cm a,b,c,
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Micro spoons formed like fingernails – hence the name. Ultra life-like and kicking spoons – designed with perfection in every little detail to make finicky trout attack aggressive. Each 3 pack contains nails with different steel plate thickness, "a", is the lightest, for when the trout are cruising in the topwater layer, "b" is the medium plate, that will allow you to fish in the medium layer – when the fish are actively feeding here and “c" is the heaviest spoon, that you can fish deeper, when the fish are cruising low. You can use the spoons, casting with ultra light gear or together with a casting float or weight – the seductive action and super sharp customized hook, will make it a deadly weapon for finicky trout in both fresh- and saltwater.
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