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Savage Gear 3D Bleak Real Tail - 8 cm 3g & 10.5cm 8g 5 Pcs

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Savage Gear 3D LB Bleak Real Tail 8 cm 3g & 10.5cm 8g 5 Pcs
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The LB 3D Bleak is a 3D scan of a real Bleak (Alburnus Alburnus), and Savage Gear have gone infor close detail to make the perfect imitation in 3 sizes that will entice any predator!

The LB 3D Bleak Real Tail features the tail shape of the real fish, and is designed for drop shot or vertical fishing side down, though its deadly for a wide range of methods - as a trailer on spinner baits, in a lipscull on hte retrieve and for downrigger fishing behind a dodger or flasher.

Available in 2 colours and 3 sizes. 3 per pack in 8cm and 10.5cm sizes, 2 per pack at 13.5cm

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