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SPRO - BBZ 4" - Slow Sink - Blueback Herring

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SPRO - BBZ 4" - Slow Sink - Blueback Herring
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Just like its bigger brothers the tail and fins are made of durable soft-plastic, that add that little extra bit of vivid action… but the BBZ has been designed that it can even swim perfectly without.

Slow Sink - The slow sinking 4” shad sinks with about 30cm per 4 seconds to the bottom. Carefully balanced so that the shad reacts very natural. Special recommendation from Bill Siemantel: “Let the BBZ-1 sink to the bottom with a slack line. Let the wind catch the line, so that the lure will swim itself. Once the BBZ-1 rests on the bottom, it stands on the treble. Fish it back from there with small twitches, or repeat this ‘trick’ with the wind and slack line. A real killer!

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