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Screamin Devil Quatro - Ghost Perch

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Spro Screamin Quatro Devil Swimbait Ghost Perch
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Screamin' Quatro Devil 

Designed by Henk Simonsz, the Quatro Devil is a 4-section swimbait type lure with a teasing, wide swinging action and that holds its action even when fished very slowly; ideal for trolling and casting. With its flanking action it slides through the water like a snake. The lure is slow sinking so as to fish the complete water column more successfully.

Also on these lures you find the unique and innovative Rambo-knife jagged bottom that creates extra noise underwater and vortices the lateral line organ of toothy predators, stimulating them to strike. Of course, this bait too features Gamakatsu Treble 13 hooks and comes in a range of thrillingly exciting colour designs.

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