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Sunline Super Braid 30lb

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Sunline Super Braid
Product SKU: Braid002

Sunline Super Braid is Sunline's original super high strength, super high sensitivity braided fishing line.

Sunline Super Braid line is 2.5 times stronger than nylon.

Sunline Super Braid is low stretch (max. 5%) for ultra high sensitivity design - gives you instant feedback of the slightest bite and the lightest touch on the bottom and helps you land more fish and experience fewer problems. Sunline Super Braid improves your lures response, even in aggressive situations.

Super high strength means you can use a thinner diameter than you normally would. The low specific gravity (0.97) makes long-distance casting easy and improves control. Tight braiding for enhanced durability and smooth surface texture for stress-free line control.

Special Surface finish for reduced guide friction, less jerking noise and enhanced durability.

Hydrophobic and weather resistant. Extremely resistant to degradation. Remains dependable over long periods of use.

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