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SPRO - 0.08mm Yellow Snyper Braid - 80m - 11lb - 5kg

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SPRO - 0.08mm Yellow Snyper Braid - 80m - 11lb - 5kg
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Spro SNYPER® Braid features 2 key-characteristics that make this line unique:

• PTFE Coating
• Pre-stretching
A new braided line, and not just any braided line. We believe that this is a very special line with a super smooth surface and an exceptional breaking strength.

Spro Snyper® Braid offers two key features that make this braid unique:
- PTFE-coating
- Pre-stretching

This is why we coated Spro Snyper® Braid with PTFE:
It makes the line virtually waterproof – literally eliminating the absorption of water. This increases the lifetime and it is beneficial to the breaking strength, even after an entire season of intensive use. PTFE coating also eliminates heat generation and reduces the friction of the line in the guides. This decreases the noise and it avoids line damage resulting is longer and more accurate casts.
This is why SPRO Snyper® Braid is pre-stretched:
After the braiding process our braid is pre-stretched under a controlled heating process. When polyethylene fibers stretch it changes the molecular composition resulting in a higher breaking strength.

These two unique physical properties make the new Snyper® Braid.

Ten certainties of Snyper® Braid at a glance:
• High breaking strength / low diameter ratio • ‘Silent’ and shoots frictionless though the guides • Smoother and with a more equal surface textured • Virtually waterproof • High durability and long life • Exceptional knot strength • UV resistant • Maintains its color better • Feels very soft and smooth • Abrasion resistant (resistant against wear and tear)

Explanation and history of PTFE
PTFE = Poly-Tetra-Fluor-Ethylene. This is a plastic with the lowest friction coefficient of all plastics. In human aerospace, PTFE is used as a heat shield such as in space suits and as a coating for insulation of cables.

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